Bamboos Notebooks

S. No. Product / Model  Name Size Page Paper GSM Ruling Binding MRP Price (Pack Wise)
1 A4 Hard Bound Notebook A4 156 Pages 64 gsm Single Line Hard Bound 90 Rs. 540/- (Pack of Six)
2 Simba Project / Designer Sheets A4 20 Pages 120 gsm Single Line Packet 35 Rs. 350/- (Pack of Ten)
3 OM Arrow Long 16.5*26 132 Pages 60 gsm Single Line Adhesive Bound 38 Rs. 456/- (Pack of Twelve)
4 OM A4 Notebooks 20.5*28.5 384 Pages 57 gsm Single Line Adhesive Bound 140 Rs. 420/- (Pack of Three)
5 Bamboos A4 Spiral Notebooks A4 280 Pages 64 gsm Single Line Spiral Binding 132 Rs. 396/- (Pack of Three)
6 Kavya Semi Rough Register A4 360 Pages 50 gsm Single Line Perfect Binding 90 Rs. 360/- (Pack of Four)
A4 Hard Bound

A4 Hard Bound Notebook
Rs. 540/- (Pack of Six)

project designer Sheets

Simba Project / Designer Sheets
Rs. 350/- (Pack of Ten)

OM Arrow Long Notebooks

OM Arrow Long
Rs. 456/- (Pack of Twelve)

OM A4 Notebooks Regular

OM A4 Notebooks
Rs. 420/- (Pack of Three)

A4 Spiral Notebooks

Bamboos A4 Spiral Notebooks
Rs. 396 (Pack of Three)

Kavya semi Rough Register A4

Kavya Semi Rough Register
Rs. 360/- (Pack of Four)