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Teachers play an important role not only in the life of an individual but in the making of a nation. The responsibility of a teacher is not just to impart knowledge to his pupil but to take them on a right and suitable path to their abilities.

As times passes society, their mindset and tradition also change. In modern India we are celebration teacher’s day on 5 September since 1962 but to give honor and to show the gratitude towards the teacher the ‘Guru Purnima’ is being celebrated in India by the Hindus from a long time.

Teachers are not only those who give formal education to us but those who teach us the life lessons, help us to differentiate between good and bad also fall in same category. A lot has been already talked and written about the teachers and their importance by many renowned writes so here we will talk about that teacher who created a strong foundation for the fame of their students. These gurus have shaped up their student to walk on the right path. So let’s know about those teachers who gave gems to the country.

1. Ramakrishna
Guru of Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna was a saint who identifies the qualities of young Narendranath (the Pre-monastic name of Vivekananda) in his first meeting with him in 1884. Though Narendranath could not accept him initially as his guru eventually he not only follows the path shown by Ramakrishna but also become very close to him. The spiritual teaching of Ramakrishna converted Narendranath to Vivekananda.

2. Dikran Tahta
Stephen Hawking is a well-known name and personality and his work in the field of science has given many new theories to the world which will guide the scientist to solve the mystery of the world. Dikran Tahta was the mentor of Stephen Hawking. Dikran Tahta was the teacher of Stephen Hawing and he was the person who motivated Stephen to do more mathematics and physics.

3. N. Ramesh & Gopi Chand
Dutee Chand is the name that brought fame and gold both in India in racing. She mentioned the name of her coach when she won gold at the Universiade, clocking 11.32 seconds in the 100m race. Born in a poor family, she is the real fighter but the person who polished her skills and trained her to grab gold at the international level was N.Ramesh. He is the trainer of this 23 years old Indian sprinter. She also mentions the name of Gopi Chand who has helped her when her career reached at the dead end.

4. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
The 11th President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam doesn’t need any introduction. He always advocated the availability of education to all. He was the supporter of practical education and he wished that every young mind should get academic knowledge and also enhance his personality skills. He taught IT in a few well-known universities including IIT Hyderabad. His thinking and teaching educate and motivate many students.

5. Savitribai Phule
We had dome fierce personalities in our country who have achieved a special status for them. Savitribai Phule is one of the personalities who face lots of struggle but never give up. She is the first lady who gets the first school for girls opened. She was an advocate of gender equality.

The Bottom Line

Teacher plays an important role in shaping up the bright future of a student. A child spends good amount of time in school and many times he asks his parent what they are teaching is not right and what teacher said only that is right. Being a teacher is a work of responsibility. We need more teacher like mentioned above to create a society a better place for upcoming generation.