How to Choose the first book for you Kid

Education is considered as the biggest investment for the kids and this is why the parents spend a good time and energy to choose the right school for their little one. But when it’s about picking the right book for the little learner then the parent pick only that book which school suggests to them. Depending on the intelligence of school authority for choosing the right book can cut down your worries but make you less responsible too.

The first book of your kid should be special and it should be attractive enough so the first time learner could develop an interest in it. Here are five thumb rules that you should keep in mind when you pick the first set of books for your child.

5 Rules you need to follow to choose the first books for your kid

  1. Young Children love colors and colorful things. So when you pick the first book for your kid then have a look at its colors. A book with pictures of bright color becomes the kids’ favorite in a first glance so pick a book with lots of colors.
  2. While shopping for toys or books for the kids we need to keep their age in mind. Not all the books will suit to the first learner even if the books have more or less same material then also you need to read the comprehension to understand if the book is appropriate for your kids’ age. When you plan to pick a pre-nursery book for your kids then always look at the font size as it should be bigger and if it’s a writing book then there should be enough space to write.
  3. When you pick a picture book to teach something new to the little creative mind of your kid then instead of the recommendation of sales person have trust in your gut feeling. Too many books on the same page will create confusion for your kid and only one or two pictures on one page will make the book looks boring. So pick that picture book which you may like as a child. We would recommend you to have a picture book with real pictures.
  4. Choosing the first writing book for your kid is crucial as the writing is not as easy as reading and identifying the objects. You need to pick those writing books that have tracing and writing space both. Many publishers launched books only for tracing and only for writing practice, try to find out the combination of both activities.
  5. When you pick a rhymes book for your little one to train him to speak in a fluent language then also don’t go for just any book considering that the kid needs to just mug the rhymes up. Pick a book with beautiful handicraft painting. A book with a painting of a fictional world not only attracts the kid but also makes him/her creative.

So here are the 5 rules that you keep in mind when you pick the children’s book for your little one and the new learner. Use these rules to get the best pre-nursery books for your child and to develop a curiosity and interest to learn new things in him.

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