Why should we develop emotional intelligence in kids

Usually, the parents consider that education is the only way to prepare their kid for the future. Although, education is important for the kids around the globe but with this emotional intelligence is also an important aspect that we need to teach our kids for their well-rounded development.

What is Emotional Intelligence? 

For many of us, Emotional Intelligence is a new term and most of us don’t understand it. Emotional Intelligence is an ability to monitor your and other’s emotions and label them and use the emotional information to guide your thinking and behavior and influence that of others.

Why it is important? 

So now an obvious question can come in your mind, why is it important? You must have observed the anxiety in your kid for complete a project within the given time frame, or the angry side of your kid, it all because he is in the learning phase of identifying emotions and this is the right time when you should teach him to how to be emotionally intelligent. A child with high EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) becomes more responsible and respectful. A kid with low EQ can easily get under peer pressure.

How can you increase your child’s Emotional Intelligence?

In today’s time as a parent, we are worried about the emotional health of our kids. We want them to share everything with us so that we can guide them but it’s not wise to make the kid dependent on you. So to make your kid capable enough to handle a few small issues you need to improve their emotional intelligence and below-given tips will help you in this.

• Communicate the feelings
It’s important for a kid to communicate its feeling in clear words. Many adults face this issue of not to communicate their feelings to others and this creates issues in their personal and professional life. Use the communication to teach your kid to express their feelings without any fear.

• Build a will to Engage
Keep your kid engage in various activities like playing sports, reading books, writing stories or painting or anything. Kids who engage in different activities have strong old on their motions. Learning new arts not only create a thirst of knowledge in the kid but also improve the problem-solving skills in them.

• Give Space to your Kid
As a parent, you may want to be around your kid and to support him when he gets hurt physically or emotionally but to make him emotionally intelligent let him learn to get up on his own, give him the space he needs and then let him come to you and then you support him.

Winding It Up 

Emotional Intelligence is a complicated topic and many experts consider it more important than IQ. In today’s time, it becomes more important to teach our kid to control their extreme emotion and to identify the situation. For parents, communication is the key that keeps connect them with their kids and teach them the lesson of EQ.

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