How’s Budget 2019-20 for Education Sector

Budget brings new hope every year for the people of the country. We look at the budget with the hope that this briefcase will end all our financial problems. Same hope we had we Budget 2019, the first full budget from the Modi 2.0 government.  The budget has some good and some bad news for all but here we will talk about the Education Sector and what the budget had for it.

Budget 2019 for Education Sector

The irony of our country is that two of sectors of the country didn’t get much attention from the several governments and these two sectors are; Education and health.   In her maiden budget, the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made some announcement for the betterment of education in the country. Here is the announcement that has been done to improve education in India.

  • The FM informed to the house that the center has allocated Rs. 56,536.63 crore revenue to the Department of School Education and Literacy.
  • Department of higher education has received a total of Rs. 94,853.64 crore. The figure of the amount is bigger in this budget. In the previous year, the allotted amount was 83,625.86 crore. This is a good sign to improve education in the country.
  • In her speech, the FM said that UGC will be replaced by the Higher Education Commission of India. She informed the house that draft legislation for setting up the Higher Education Commission of India would be presented in India by year-end.
  • Government has also announced to bring a new education policy to propose major changes in school and higher classes. The draft of National Education Policy is already released in May’19 and it was available for the public to get some suggestions from them.
  • Government has also announced to release a fund of Rs. 608.87 crore for Research and Innovation.
  • Finance Minister has also talked about to transform India’s higher education system to one of the global best. To make India a hub of Education, the government will introduce a program called “Study in India”.
  • Skill training is the word on which the FM emphasis while presenting the Budget 2019-20. She mentioned the work of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY) in this direction. She also mentioned the need to focus on the new age skill sets like AI, 3 D printing and other.

To conclude the FM’s speech about education sector we can say that the budget has increased our expectation and if the government and the government machinery worked well then soon India will have its own ‘Howard University’.

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