Why should we introduce TED Talks to our kids

In India Internet is available at the cheapest cost and numbers of mobile users are also increasing rapidly. Mobile and internet have become one of the basic needs for Indian along with Roti, Kapda or Makan. Though we should feel good that technology is expanding in India and reaching to every home but its increasing use f internet among the students has become a big reason of worry for the parents.

Now the students spend most of their time on internet either of social sites or on the educational website. If your kid is also crazy about the use of phone then you can use this craziness to teach him something good. TED Talks is something which you should definitely introduce to your internet freak kid.

Why TED Talks are important for Kids 

TED Talks is a fully planned event where experts from different backgrounds come and represent their ideas. This event let the listener and the live audience to understand and witness a different point of view. Some TED talks are so inspirational that they can change you and your way of thinking.

Now let’s know why should you ask your kids to watch the TED talks.

  • Kids have an exceptional talent of learning and in TED talks the speakers talk about some life changing and motivating real-life events. On a kid, the effect of these positive talks would be long-lasting.
  • Our kids follow us, they learn from our actions so somewhere we are making them just like us. As a smart parent you would definitely want your kid to have his own thinking process, so show him the episode of TED talks, let him ask questions to you. This small step of you will make your kid more independent and aware of the world.
  • You will get some interesting TED talks on its app like How to speak so that people want to listen or 10 Ways To Have a Better Conversation, show them to your growing kids so that they could learn something new and get rid of a common situation of low-confidence.

Winding it Up

TED talks have lots of videos from where you and your kid can learn so many things. For that, all you need to do is, download its app from play store and start listening to it. In the next blog, we will share some great TED talks essential for every growing kid.

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