Finally! It’s that time of the year, for which our little ones eagerly wait for.  It’s the beginning of summer break, beginning of the new adventure, time to explore new talents, to plan out new trips, visiting your hometown, meeting cousins and spending quality time with your family and loved ones.

But it is also that time of the year, where parents have to do a lot of planning ahead so that their kids are engaged productively. So here is a short list to keep our little kiddies engaged in an innovative manner.

A Trip To Mother Nature

A trip to nature itself has so many benefits. It boosts the attention span and creativity in kids. They see what nature is and how to nurture it. Nature keeps us mentally and physically fit.

Indulge In Reading

Reading has a lot of benefits. It increases one’s knowledge, and the more knowledge they have the better equipped your kids are to tackle any situation. It will help improve their vocabulary, memory, concentration, writing skills, etc.

Learn A New Language

A new language makes your kid learn about a new world, a new culture. They learn to see things with a new perspective which they might have not considered till then.

Pen Down Their Thoughts

Encourage your child to write down a daily diary, and they can write about anything in it. It could be about a particular activity, or about their day. Encourage them to decorate their diary either with some travel pictures, or anything they found interesting. This helps in developing writing skills and creative side in kids.

Join A Sport

Apart from the physical benefits, joining a sport can be a lot beneficial in other aspects as well. It helps children develop discipline, they learn teamwork, and they learn to set goals and how to achieve them. They also learn the ability to win and losing positively. In short, it helps in the overall development of the kid.

Indulge In Household Chores

Kids should be taught to see themselves in different roles. The best way to develop this skill in kids is by indulging them in household chores. It also helps in developing fine motor skills in the kids; they also learn to be self-disciplined.

It is important to consider the overall of your child. If we push them more towards studies and not letting them engage in an activity of their interest, then they tend to lose interest in studies as well.

Also, we should make it a point, on every weekend to sit and discuss how their holidays are going, what all new things they have learned so far in their activities and always appreciate for what they have done. In this way, they will look forward to this meeting in the upcoming week as well. This is the best way to bond with your kids over the summer vacations and also bring a sense of continuity.

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