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The relevant details about this book are given below:
Code : S08-6005
ISBN : 978- 93-8708-600-5
Pages : 42
Size : 23*36/8
Author : Umesh

About the Book…

Henri Matisse, a French artist once provided one of the most comprehensive yet simple definitions of drawing as, drawing is putting a line around an idea. A creative idea need to be delivered creatively to have an appropriate impact on thinking. Art and craft is a creative way of communication which enables an artist to express his complex ideas, emotions, feelings and knowledge in the most simple and well accepted manner to the people of all cultures. We are pleased to present Little Hands 1/2/3/4/5 – the art and craft activity series, an effort for the budding artists which sure will make them recognize their creative-self. It will develop their artistic skills for empowering their vision- beyond the horizon. Some unique features of this book are :

  • Colourful presentation with 3-D and interrelated smiling figures in soothing, yet attractive, colours to make learning a fun activity.
  • Figure sketching is exhibited in the sequential steps to develop ‘I’m possible’ attitude among children.
  • Encouraging children to generate innovative ideas which not limited to the utilisation of traditional resources like pen, paper, crayons, scissors but imagination is escorted to the exponential domains of creativity by motivating the utilisation of anything and everything creatively like plant leaves, rubber bands, colourful bindis, cotton, paper bowls, ice cream sticks and other easily available items in their houses.
  • A comprehensive book which encloses printed resources to ensure children’s prompt and uninterrupted participation in the origami activities like Tearing and Pasting, Paper Folding and so on.
  • Expert and professional approach is also evident from the balance of contents of the book and skill possessed by the learning joys.
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