Playway Cursive Writing – 5

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This book is specially created for enhancement of writing skills.

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Code    : HP092
ISBN    : 978-81-8231-467-2
Pages  : 32
Size     : 23 x 36 / 8
Class   :
Author : Tina Garg

Playway Cursive Writing Books (Capital, small, Capital & small and 1 to 5) are specially designed for children to hone their handwriting skills. All these books are learner oriented in approach and futuristic in their outlook.

Good handwriting is a valuable asset to pupils on which they can pride themselves all through their life. It may only be formulated in formative years of their lives.
This book provides enough and regular practice for pupils and is hoped to be proved essential for learners.
Its key features are :
1. A copy type presentation of these books give a friendly writing-learning atmosphere.
2.These books provide sufficient practice with gradual progression towards well-formed writing.
3.The exercises include small and capital letters, numbers, names of days and months, phrases, sentences, famous sayings, meaningful proverbs and idioms.
4.Provides opportunity for learners to assess their work, focus on their handwriting and eliminate problem areas.


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