Computer Dot Com – 6


A series on Information Technology.

Rs. 200.00

The relevant details about this book are given below :

Code  : HP127
ISBN   : 978-81-8231-302- 6
Pages : 118
Size    : 23 x 36 / 8 
Class   : VIth
Author : Ashima Gupta

‘Computer Dot.Com’ is a set of 8 books meant for classes 1 to 8. These books are based on the   curriculum prescribed by National Policy of Education (NPE).

1.Language is student friendly and understandable.
2.Original pictures from the computer screen have been included to acquaint the learners with real computer world.
3.‘Learning Objectives of this Chapter’ mentally aware the students about the content of the chapter to be taught.
4.Tips, Fact, Remember and Do You Know include the neighborhood facts of the subject matter.
5.‘Let’s Revise the Chapter’ gives an easy recapitulation of learned subject matter.
6.‘Class Work Time, Home Work Time, Quiz Time’ all together provide enough practise and exercises for the children to assess their grasping.
7.‘Activity Time’ allows the students to expand the boundaries of their hidden creativity and imaginations.
8.‘Teacher’s Note’ involves the instructions to guide the teacher in the right way to benefit the students and ‘Knowledge Booster’ includes the facts to boost up all around talents of students.
9. ‘Important Websites’ makes the students aware of related websites to widen their vision.
10.‘Model Test Papers’ provide self evaluation opportunity to learners.
11.Computer related important terms and their definitions are given under the heading of ‘Glossary’.