Fingerprint – 3


Specially published for Drawing

Rs. 100.00

The relevant details about this book are given below :

Code    : HP177
ISBN    : 978-81-8231-576-1
Pages  : 32
Size     : 23 x 36 / 8
Class   : IIIrd
Author : HP Unit

Colouring, Crafting and Creativity are the inborn talents our children are gifted with. Children have their own ways of expressing themselves, still they need proper guiding channels to walk smoothly on correct paths towards correct destinations.

Our series titled Fingerprint consisting of 8 books (A, B, C and 1 to 5) has been specially and wisely designed to boost up the creative talent that lies hidden in the depths of the innocent and ignorant mind of every child. The series welcomes the children to an exciting tour to the world of art and activity.
Salient features of this series are :
1. It includes various techniques of colouring like crayons, sketch pen strokes, patching by water colours, spray painting, knife painting, thread painting, etc.
2.Thumb impressions, impressions by cut sections of leaves, vegetables, etc and various other creative skills have been taught.
3.Crafts created therein include paper folding techniques, paper cutting and pasting and use of sparkle, bindies, buttons, pencil-peels and various household waste materials.
4.Objects used for drawing, colouring and crafting are of child’s interest.
5.Step by step gradation of activities and drawing techniques have been used to provide appropriate range of learning for children keeping in mind their academic standards.
6.Colourful and supportive backgrounds have been used to help the children acquire a sense of natural harmony with the colours.
7.In spite of the best study material and creative value provided therein the books have been priced as to fall within the paying capacity of parents.