Homework for Summer Vacation (U.K.G.)


Homework for Summer Vacation of class U.K.G

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The relevant details about this book are given below :

Code    : HP022
ISBN    : 978-81-8231-622-5
Pages  : 64
Size     : 23 x 36 / 8
Class   : U.K.G.
Author : Tina Garg

Let‘s enjoy these holidays as never before.

‘Homework for Summer Vacation’ worksheets are especially planned to reduce the burden of bulky homework from the minds of little kids. We have tried to fulfill the learning task in a different way.
The salient features of these worksheets are :
1. All the worksheets are specious and clearly designed.
2. These cover all the necessary subjects, i.e. Hindi, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Art and Creativity.
3.The worksheets are brightly illustrated and well-designed to keep the child curious and ignited.
4.Though, the worksheets cover the whole required syllabus yet give a sense of playway activities and the child does not feel overburdened.
How to use these worksheets?
5.Give the child easier worksheet first related to the topic you have taught.
6 Provide him/her a variety of worksheets daily. For example–let him/her do one writing-based work and then other activity-based work to keep him/her interested and not     overburdened.
7 Let the child freely do the worksheet for the first five days and then start giving him/her a time target fo finish it.
8 If the child finds any activity too tough, help him/her do it so that he/she might not leave the work in frustration.
9 Lastly, don’t expect perfection too early. Let his/her skills develop freely and gradually.