Build Up Your Brain – Part 1

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The relevant details about this book are given below :

Code     : B31-7123
ISBN     : 978-81-8231-712-3
Pages    : 40
Size       : 23 * 36 / 8
Class     : I
Author : Shipra Dang


Aptitude is an acquired or learned component of a competency to do a certain kind of task at a certain level. The series of eight books ‘Build Up Your Brain’ for class 1 to 8 have been designed to evaluate and improve general aptitude of the young learners and to buildin them power of analysing , observing and applying facts to conclude the results.

Salient features of the series are :

  • Each book for class 1 to 8 have been divided into various sections, namely Playing with Numbers, Integers, Fractions, Mathematical Operations, Data Handling, English Exercises, etc to cover every possible stream of intellect.
  •  The worksheets are graded systematically on the basic of scientific method and learning process.
  • The language used in the series is simple, lucid and interesting.
  • Each book has smart layout with colourful and attractive illustrations.
  • It consists of a variety of multiple choice questions, many of which are figure-based problem to facilitate visualistic approach.
  • Some test papers are designed under the heading of ‘Check  Your Understanding’ to help the learner assess themselves.
  • Answer of all problems are provided  at the end of each book.