Eco Planet – 5


Environmental Studies for child to discover & understand practical aspects of his learning.

Rs. 230.00

The relevant details about this book are given below :
Code : B31-6140
ISBN : 978-81-8231-614-0
Pages : 104
Size : 23 x 36 / 8
Class : 5
Author : Sharvan Kumar

Based on CCE pattern of Evaluation.
Smart layout with colourful and attractive illustrations.
Child-friendly approach and simple language.
Includes features like Try it Out and Find Out in between the text to promote learning.
‘Do You Know?, Let Us Recall and Keywords add to the knowledge and vocabulary bank of child.
Moral values are imparted through Wisdom Tree.
Sufficient objective and subjective type questions are included under the section Let’s Answer.
Let’s Do, HOTS provide opportunity to develop creative doing and thinking.
Teacher’s notes helps subject teacher to have a healthy relationship with children.
Formative and Summative Assessments are given at regular intervals for self-assessment of children.
Projects, Activities, Surveys, Interviews, Debate and Discussion topics are provided from time to time to let the child discover and understand practical aspects of his learning.