Enjoy With Science & Technology-5


This Book Helpful for learners in understating and apply the principal of Science & Technology.

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The relevant details about this book are given below :
Code : B31-3675

ISBN : 978-81-8231-367-5
Pages : 112
Size : 23 x 36 / 8
Class : 5
Author : Ashima Gupta

In our series Enjoy with Science & Technology, we have seriously attempted to emphasise on and include the various testing and evaluation skills that are necessarily required for CCE in primary classes as prescribed by CBSE. Not only the chapters but also the exercises are framed wisely in a manner so as to develop the skills of the learner holistically.
To cover the mentioned CCE skills, our textbooks include the following heads :
CCE Skills Our Attempt
1. Vocabulary Glossary
2. Recall Key Ideas
3. Conceptual Knowledge Let’s write together
4. Extra Readings Do you know?
5. Awareness Website
6. Communication and Creative Thinking Let Us Do
7. Recognising Pictures, Photographs
8. Analysing and Problem Solving Fun Activity