Lab Manual Science & Technology (IX)


Lab Manual Book of Science & Technology.

Rs. 300.00

The relevant details about this book are given below :
Code : C31-2395
ISBN : 978-81-8231-239-5
Pages : 168
Size : 23 x 36 / 8
Class : IX
Author : Shikha Gupta

Science, as we all are aware is not just a subject to be read and crammed. One has to be very experimentative and explorative to have that vein to get and understand science. Practical books and Lab Manuals are very necessarily needed for that purpose.
Whatever you read, should be well verified with practical experiments, then only the study of science gives what it is meant to give.
Syllabus framed by NCERT and CCE pattern proposed by CBSE.
Distinguished features of the books in this series are :
Seperate sections for Physics, Chemistry and Biology are made.
Practicals are also sub-sectioned according to the topics.
Language used is student friendly and understandable.
All the activities are assisted and supported by neat, clear and labelled diagrams.
Tables and figures are provided wherever the topic demands so.
The facts and ideas that required to perform a particular activity are recalled under the heading ‘Concept Behind’.
After covering a particular topic a practise sheet for ‘Formative Assessment’ is provided that covers solved ‘Viva-Voce’ questions, ‘Quiz Time’ including multiple choice questions, Yes-No type questions, Fill ups, etc.
Simple activities that are related to the topic are provided under ‘Activity Suggested’.
‘Discuss in Group’ would go for long help in developing communication and arguing skills.
‘Fun and Learn’ covers puzzles, mazes, flowcharts, etc to make the students learn with fun.
We have tried our level best to fulfill every requirement of topics in these books. Still, any suggestion for improvement and benifing students will be gratefully acknowledged.