The Story Of My Life – X


Author  Helen Keller.She would always remain an icon of inspiration & perseverance for woman particularly for woman in her situation.

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The relevant details about this book are given below :
Code : B31-5983
ISBN : 978-81-8231-598-3
Pages : 96
Size : 23 x 36 / 16
Class : X
Author : Helen Keller

Strictly made as per CBSE curriculum, keeping in mind the objectives of introducing this novel in long reading project.

The entire text is unabridged.

The meanings of difficult / unfamiliar words and phrases are provided page wise to facilitate the readers.
For quick recapitulation, chapter wise summary of the text in easy and comprehensive language has been given.
Study questions based on incidents, plot, characters, etc have been provided after each chapter to help to the readers observe and understand the text clearly and prepare for their assessments accordingly.
Quiz Based on Text and an objective as well as Quiz Based on Vocabulary are provided at the end of the book to provide maximum benefit to its readers.