Geography (Our Environment )-7

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The relevant details about this book are given below :
Code : J1021
Pages :
Size : 23*36
Class : 7
Author :

Strictly based on NCERT  syllabus (meant for CBSE and various state Boards School ) . This book is not the option of main book but a substitute to help the students to score good marks.

Salient features of this book are:

  • Text of this help book is based on NCERT textbook.
  • The language of the book is simple and the text is supported by suitable pictures.
  • ‘Exercises’ provide different types of question  with their  answers.
  • This is a unique book as it presents not only solutions but also detailed explanations to different concepts.
  • This help book has been designed with best efforts of experienced and qualified team of authors and  editors .