Start Away (9 Books) for Nursery


A Unique Book Set of Capital Letters, Akshar Rachna, Let’s Count 1-100, Numbers Writing, Rhymes & Geet and much more.


The relevant details about this book are given below :

Code : N-1004
Size : 23 x 36 / 8
Author : Ashima Gupta

START AWAY is a compact pack of nine books, i.e, Pleasure of Alphabet, Capital Letters (Writing), Aksharanjali, Akshar Rachna (Writing), Let’s count 1 to 100, Numbers Writing  (1 – 100), Bunch of Rhymes & Geet, Stroke (Drawing Book) and Holiday Homework,specially written and designed for little learners, worth, to be recommended , because of the following features :

  • All the books have been presented in an attractive cover type bag along with an animated C.D.
  • The pack is convenient for the schools and beneficial to the teachers because of its study material.
  • Graded worksheets and activity-based subject-matter help the teachers plan a better teaching schedule to accelerate learning.
  • Teachers feel more creative, accomplished and supported in taking care for individual needs of children.
  • Teachers guidelines trigger their creativity and performance leading them to self-satisfaction.
  • Children would feel free from the burden of heavy school bags.
  • Children would find the pack learning-friendly and convenient to handle.
  • Animated C.D. of books will enhance the opportunity and interest to learn more.
  • Children feel engaged and lured as their individual needs have been given due attention.
  • Children get more time to practice handwriting using writing books.
  • Children cover more matter, grasp easily and learn more joyfully because of the easy language used.
  • Attractive and colourful pictures have been used in each book which keep the child curious to know more.
  • Parents feel relieved of the tension as they need not buy separate work book, drawing book and other text books.
  • Parents would find the pack more affordable because of very reasonable prices that fall within the reach of average earning parents.
  • Parents would feel relieved and satisfied on their child’s development.