Right Writer – Numbers Writing (1 to 50)

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Code    : A31-9257
ISBN    : 978-81-8231-925-7
Pages  : 104
Size     : 20*30/8
Author : Isha Gupta


Mathematics is supposed to be a dull and tiresome subject, especially for beginners. Not with standing this reality, it is the foundation of progress either in our daily needs or in the economy of the world. Even the scientific researches could not be imagined of without the inevitable involvement and application of Mathematics.
Right Writer – Numbers Writing (1 to 50) is a reading and writing book to learn numbers 1 to 100. This book is designed to inculcate the skills of neat, swift and easy number writing in ting tots. Small pictures with numbers are given to clarify the concept of counting to the children. Some exercise at regular intervals are also provided for practice.