Bunch of Rhymes & Geet – A


A large set of hindi & english rhymes book useful for Nursery Class.

Rs. 130.00

The relevant details about this book are given below :

Code : A31-5389
ISBN : 978-81-8231-538-9
Pages : 24
Size : 23 x 36 / 8
Class : Nursery
Author : Mrs.Deepshikha Gupta

Nursery Rhymes hold a special place in the dreams of all children. They are taken into the magical world of imaginations and aspirations through these rhymes. “ Bunch of Rhymes” A containing some of the popular and timeless rhymes both in Hindi and English designed brightly with mesmerized pictures.
The key features of this book are as under :
Printing is done on glossy art paper to produce a shining effect.
Eye-catching picturization is done and bright colour scheme is applied to fascinate the children.
Contains popular rhymes in English and Hindi both.
Simple activities based on the taught rhymes are also included to keep the children ignited and interested.
Rhymes are selected and graded in accordance with the level of the child.
Rhymes included are all hummable to sharpen the recitation skills of children.