“Why is Storytelling important for kids”

The parents of today’s generations have spent a good time with their grandparents. We have grown up on the stories narrated by them to us. Many of us must remember a few bedtime stories which Dadi or Nani told us. As a kid, we didn’t have any gadget to play but still, our childhood was far better than the present kids and credit goes to these bedtime stories.

Storytelling is not only a process to take a kid to deep sleep, but it is also one of the most ancient ways to develop a thought process in a kid and to carry forward the folk stories from one generation to another. I still remember that the stories I used to listen from my grandmother had a hero who used to win at last. Those stories taught me to keep trying until you get success.

But in today’s generation is not as lucky as we were. Most families are nuclear now and parents don’t have much time to narrate a bedtime story to their kids. Let’s know why we should narrate stories to our kids more frequently.

Importance of Story Telling

Storytelling plays a major part in the child’s overall personality development. It can help to connect parents with their children. And the best part of story narration is, it forces your child to shut down his/her gadgets and escape from the many adverse effects of it.

So let’s know some more and interesting effects of storytelling.

  • Storytelling makes your kid curious to know more. It makes your child ask questions. The kid leaves the hesitation behind and asks anything related to the story and when he gets an answer, he becomes more confident. Si narrates a story and lets your kid ask questions.
  • Storytelling makes your kid imaginative. The kid starts visualizing the story and he gets to know about different types of character and shapes.
  • Every story has some moral, so kid starts judging what is good and what is bad. This thought of your kid works as a foundation of his thought process.
  • Bedtime stories make the kid a good listener. In today’s world when everyone has some story to tell, your kid will develop the ear to listen to them.
  • Your storytelling activity can make your little one more creative and it may possible that soon he will create an imagery story and narrate it to you.

The Bottom Line

All the parents share one similarity, they want their kids to be successful and far from any problem. All the hard work we do is to keep the future of our kid in mind. When we do so much for our younger ones then we can definitely get some 15 to 30 minutes for them to narrate a story. This small action of ours will make our next generation curious, creative, and good human being. So let’s start this practice of narrating a story to your kids from today onwards.

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